SPORT REVOLUTION is a company  that develops and manufactures sports and hockey training aids  for sportsmen to train at home,  hockey rinks  or anywhere else.. Professional sportsmen and certified coaches participate in the development of these training aids.  The use of training aids allows to achieve effective, dynamic and much more interesting training process.


Unarguably, with this You can achieve better results.


Hockey inherets  emotions with  very competitive nature and complex content, therefore HOCKEY REVOLUTION's priority is to create training aids that would maximally adapt the training process from home off ice environment to real on-ice conditions. The game of hockey is a continuous and unexpected change of conditions that requests a quick response from a hockey player.

Various techniques, performance of complex movements during the game perfect and consolidate the sense of timing, stimulate mastering of new skills and the development of automatic movements.


The main two things for a hockey player are:  quick and accurate  reaction to various situations on ice and the control and understanding of puck movement .  Due to these two features hockey stimulates reaction time, coordination, skills, wit, courage anddetermination. The use of HOCKEY REVOLUTION hockey training aids during your training process will increase sensitivity of Your motion analyzer, the stability of Your vestibular reactions and the development of the visual analyzer function.


To become a good hockey player, You must train not only with a team on ice, but You also must be determined to spend a 

lot of time training alone. Therefore, through our development process of training aids HOCKEY REVOLUTION has emphasized the possibility for everyone to convert training aids for using at home..

HOCKEY REVOLUTION hockey products are intended for:
Hockey players – from kids to masters equiring basic movements and the ability to follow the puck movement while training on ice or off ice.
Hockey players – professionals to make training maximally adapted to real on-ice conditions.
Hockey teams - to promote the general fitness of  the team’s game and individual skills for each player.
Sports centers to provide training aids for visitors that matches 'todays’ requirements.



HOKEY REVOLUTION are hockey  training aids with added value used for hockey practices that combines:

1. improvement of player's stickhandling and agility,

2. techniques to increase player's reaction time, 

3. player's ability to adapt to real on-ice conditions.


Hockey has developed over the years and it has become the most dynamic and fastest game on the planet, therefore the team of HOCKEY REVOLUTION is ready to challenge the existing training process by offering the newest innovations for the most effective and most dynamic training process. 

Hockey Revolution